Most Baseball watched in HISTORY

Hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed the first day of summer! It’s raining in Dallas today so it’s been a lazy Sunday!
My Rebels made it to the final four of the College World Series but sadly lost to Virginia. I have never watched so much baseball!! Rebel Nation is so proud of these boys and Coach Mike Bianco!!!! #hottytoddy
I’ve been sugar free in my nutrition plan for 4 weeks now and I can attest to the fact that eating this way makes you feel amazing and you get really skinny! I highly recommend this type of eating plan and it’s only tough the first 3 days then you magically forget all about your cravings! I also exercise and am really into AKT In Motion, which is Anna Kaiser. She is amazing and has fun workouts.
I am so excited about Wimbledon starting tomorrow but of course my love of football starting hovers in the back of my mind!!!! Can’t wait and NO, I do not watch soccer. Sorry soccer fans!!!!
Enjoy the last part of your weekend!!!!


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