Whole new world

I don’t read many blogs and don’t really know why I want to do this but I’m all about trying new things so here it goes.
I’m an Ortho RN, with the greatest job on the planet. I adore the game of football and am also a huge tennis fan. I am not much into basketball or baseball. But since my Ole Miss Rebels are playing in the CWS this weekend I will officially be a baseball fan.
I do not watch much tv but am VERY loyal to Live with Kelly and Michael, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Modern Family and Parenthood. I use to watch Young and the Restless (for 37 years), but when they decided to fire the hottest man on the planet, Michael Muhney, I stopped watching. I’ve developed a fondness of romance books (Thanks E.L James). I love the love story aspect, the sex part does not shock me and I loathe when people act like it’s shocking. I’ve found that when people act shocked or disgusted they are totally doing the opposite at home, behind closed doors(and it’s prob kinkier than the books describe).
I have an amazing set of best friends of over 20 years and those are all I need. I know tons of people but I really enjoy being by myself. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I did the whole social, ladder climbing thing in my 20’s and 30’s and when I reached 40 I just shut down and hate going to any social function that requires idle small talk. I also feel like I’m “on stage” with my job( like I’m entertaining people all week) and really enjoy the peace on Saturday and Sunday.
I have a terrible left knee and can no longer run or play tennis so I’ve turned into a lover of bicycles. And I try to walk 3-4 times a week(sans pain). I have an adorable Shih Tzu named Ginger, who is my shadow, and just makes me laugh all the time. I believe that starting my day with prayer and my favorite devotion books makes me a better person. I am basically happy all the time and LOVE a great quote
I am an Ole Miss Rebel fan but also think that Kliff Kingsbury is a genius in the CFB world. So I get accused of being a TTU fan, but I’m not. Just a KK fan. And I’m prob the ONLY female that doesn’t want to marry him but he does have a HOF 5 o’clock shadow. I am also OBSESSED with twitter and if you want to follow me hottytoddy01 is my account(same with Instagram).
That’s all for now. Hope this is of interest and will prob be talking mostly sports on here.
Happy Saturday



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